At the VAPA Center, educating artists and members of the community is part our mission. New classes, seminars and programs will be made available throughout the year.

If there is a class, program, or seminar you would like to see, participate in, or even teach, contact The VAPA Center today for availability.

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Shae Movement African Arts


7:00 – 9:00 pm

Tuesdays with NIche

West African Dance

Move your body and learn cultural dances from the West African region. 

Ethnic Dance African Woman Stock Illustration - Download Image Now - Dancing, Africa, African Ethnicity - iStock

No prior experience required. No registration – just come and dance. 

$12 per class plus drummer tip.

Contact or find them on Instagram for more information. 


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Beginner Darkroom

Beginner Digital

Photographic Techniques

Advanced Digital 

Beginner Stop Frame

June 26th- July 28th

The Light Factory Summer Camps

“Who’s ready for Summer? WE ARE!

We have exciting core and advanced summer camps available for middle + high school ages! This is a great opportunity to begin a Film photography journey with Film Grain or take it a step further with Alternate Processes.

Interested in filmmaking? Animator Activation is a great option to test the waters! We have City Scape to establish a digital foundation while Creative Expression/Studio Lighting Techniques are available for those who are beyond the basics.‍



Charlotte Comedy Theater | Charlotte Culture Guide – Charlotte, NC – Charlotte Culture Guide

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Long Form IMprov

Create an intertwining tapestry of scenes and games within a given outline that creates a type of story or alternate version of reality. Emphasis on group mind and connectivity of players.




Charlotte Comedy Theater



INtermediate Improv

Continue to improve your skills learning scene-work techniques, initiations, heightening, character work, and relationship building. 




Charlotte Comedy Theater



Intro to Improv

Learn the basics and philosophies, stage presence, overcoming stage fright, achieving the group mind, co-creating, beginning skills/games, and building trust in an ensemble.

Short form improv

Learn how to do types of short-form games, hosting, composing set lists, and performing in a game-focused show. 




Charlotte Comedy Theater 




Learn various classic sketch comedy structures, from Fish Out of Water to Blackouts. Each week addresses a structure, with weekly writing assignments that are then collaboratively discussed in our “writer’s room” for feedback and improvement.



Charlotte Comedy Theater 



Meisner for improv

Apply the principles of the Meisner Technique to long-form improv, giving you practical ways to approach scenes so that you feel a consistent sense of ease, playfulness, freedom, and connection.

Music IMprov

Learn song structures, rhyme technique, and music theater classifications as we marry the joy and exuberance of musical theater with the group mind and intense teamwork of improvisation.



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6:30 – 8:30 pm

The light Factory 

Intro to digital photgraphy

Discover the joy of photography while learning how to master your camera. In this four-week course, you will be immediately immersed in photography and will learn how to utilize your camera’s technical settings with ease. Anyone can put a digital camera on auto and get acceptable pictures. This course will help you to use all the technology your camera has to offer so you can make images that go beyond snapshots to express your personal vision




6:00 – 9:00 pm

The light Factory 

Lightroom 101

In this class, you will learn post-processing workflow using Adobe Lightroom. We will cover importing, organizing, and editing your photos, and much, much more. For this class, students must have photography experience, provide their own laptops, and have access to Lightroom (via subscription or download). We recommend Lightroom 101 for students who have completed our DSLR 1 and DSLR 2 classes.