These are the creatives that are making VAPA an amazing community of artists, and are the reason we exist.

The first floor houses our Exhibition, Performance, and Event spaces.
The second floor consists of Artists Studios, Classrooms, Darkrooms, Workrooms, and Offices.
The lower level has Artist Studios, Classrooms, Photography Studios, a Dance Studio, and a Gym.


All artist studios are open for visitors during established business hours and via direct appointment with each artist.
Please visit our events page for more opportunities to interact with our creatives, visual and performing.
If would like to join our community of artists, submit your application today!

VAPA Center - Main Floor

First Floor Creatives

Nine Eighteen Nine Studio Gallery
Jerry Taliaferro
John Miles
Barrington Steed
Ani Todd
Gil Horne
Temia Horne
Mason Olonade
Justina Lee
Joanne Rogers

Grindhaus Studios
Charlotte’s Off Broadway
The Pauline Tea Bar Apothecary
Levine Museum Of The New South
Arthur Rogers
The Light Factory
Charlotte Comedy Theatre
The Arts Empowerment Project
Lane Morris
Joanna Gerdy

Ali Steele
Mert Jones
Thomas Whichard
Judi Campbell
Micaila Ayorinde Thomas (Ayo)



VAPA Center - Second Floor

SECOND Floor Creatives

Grindhaus Studios
Levine Museum Of The New South – Offices
McColl Center Classrooms
The Arts Empowerment Project
Princess Cureton
Barbara Ellis
Latinx Pov
Crystal Pinkston
Brenda Pinkston

Diana Davis
Jazz Arts
Jerry Taliaferro
Steven Williams
Abel Jackson
Alvin Jacobs
The Light Factory
9.18.9 Classrooms

Nolimit Larry
Cat Babbie
Obra Collective
Myloan Din
Eva Crawford
Leigh Williams
Penny Oliver
Til Schmidt
Osiris Rain



VAPA Center - Lower Level


Upcycle Arts
Grindhaus Studios
Bree Stallings
Laurie Smithwick
Chris Diaz
Nancy Sauser
Ernesto Moreno
Rafael Prieto
Joshua Smith
Arthur Brouthers
Bryan Wilson
Claudio Ortiz
Will White

Tajmah Allison
Profile Building Services
Kevin Harris
Laporcha Smith
Trey Miles
J. Stacey Utley
Lo’vonia Parks
Charlotte Comedy Theatre
Aaron Johnson
Queen Pope
Niche Faulkner

Rebecca Lipps
Michael O’Neill
Michael Maxwell
Unorthodox Studios
Jason Parker
Ken Knudtsen
Studio 345
Jamar Caldwell
Gay Men’s Chorus
Sunya Folayan
Latanya Johnson
Saundra Thomas
You Vs. You (Curtis Walls)