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The VAPA Center is so proud to support the Visual Artists, Musicians and Theater performers of the Charlotte community.

Showcasing artists, galleries, indoor and outdoor concerts, sound stages, traditional theater performances, and comedy shows, The VAPA Center will provide to the community a full season of LIVE  entertainment options. Please see the schedules on our events page.

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The VAPA Center Waitlist Update


Thank you to all of the artist seeking space at the VAPA Center. Currently, we are in the process of going through applications that have been received.

If you have applied for a space via our online application, you are now in cue in the order in which your application was received and should be receiving an email in the coming days inviting you tour the center and see our available spaces.

Thank you for your patience.

GrindHaus Studios at the VAPA Center



Welcome to the Visual and Performing Arts Center
Press Release

CHARLOTTE, (September 21, 2021) – The Visual and Performing Arts Center (VAPA) today announced the opening of its new collaboration with Mecklenburg County. The intent of VAPA is to create a space which brings together artists to create, practice and exhibit their respective arts. Born out of necessity, due to the closing of Spirit Square and the lingering impact of the pandemic, a space was needed for artists to come together to continue to teach classes, rehearse shows and perform. The McColl Center and Charlotte Ballet, part of the founding member group of artists, worked with Mecklenburg County to identify and understand a space in the Uptown area which could be repurposed as an arts center. 

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From Sears and Roebuck to Arts and Entertainment 
Charlotte’s VAPA Center Brings Local A&E to the Community

CHARLOTTE, (September 13, 2021) – Take a look or walk around Charlotte these days, and you can’t help but notice the area’s budding artist community. Massive murals and open-air entertainment events seem to be popping up everywhere. 

Given the current state of the pandemic, you may find yourself asking: just where are all these folks rehearsing, storing supplies or holding their event planning meetings? 

There’s no question about the impact of the COVID-19 crisis, and how it has forced many spaces to shut their doors or limit occupancy and availability. But, there might just be a silver lining around this cloud that could produce quite a rainbow. 

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The VAPA Center Awarded Grant
Small Business Innovation Fund – Charlotte Center City Partners

CHARLOTTE, (August 18, 2021) – The Charlotte Center City Small Business Innovation Fund today announced it has awarded $1,034,00 in grants to 27 more small businesses within Center City to spur and support innovation as they continue to adapt to the new economic realities and opportunities caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The 27 recipients in Round 4, which finishes allocating all available funding, join the 116 recipients from Rounds 1-3. In all, 143 Charlotte small businesses received innovation grants totaling more than $4.6M. 

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The VAPA Center Approved by County Commissioners

CHARLOTTE, (July 7,  2021) – The Mecklenburg County Commissioners unanimously approved the initial terms of the lease agreements for The VAPA Center to take principal occupancy of the Hal Marshall building located at 700 North Tryon Street, Uptown Charlotte.

The recorded County Commissioners meeting can be viewed by clicking the button below. The discussion and approval is at the 03.56.00 minute mark.

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