VAPA is first and foremost a public amenity that is here to serve a community need. In order to achieve this, we need the community.

VAPA is looking for members of the community who would like to work with us as volunteers.

Our Volunteers will assist with community engagement, events, guided tours and assist the VAPA Family of visual and performing artists throughout the building.











The VAPA Center organization exemplifies the innovation and creativity that can result when a diverse group of people work together towards shared goals.

Our Board of directors is an interdisciplinary group of people from various arts backgrounds, races, sexes, orientations, for-profit/non-profit status, and organization size.

Our collaborate efforts to form VAPA demonstrate how diversity serves not only the artistic community but the greater Charlotte community.

We intend VAPA to be a model and an enticement to inspire others to come together in service to our community and to the arts for generations to come.

Become a VAPA Volunteer Team Member today.





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