Ways you can help:

“Together, we can create an Artist Community to Uptown Charlotte.”



You can make a financial contribution to benefit VAPA today!
Contact Arthur Rogers at the VAPA Center: vapacenter@gmail.com or 704-806-9584. 

Or contact Anne Lambert, VAPA Board Member and Chair, Fundraising & Development Committee: charlottesoffbroadway@hotmail.com or 704-589-9146.

Donate today via VAPA’s PayPal account: 




Additional ways to donate: 

VAPA Center is a non-profit organization with 501c3 status.
EIN#:  87-3529263

Donations to VAPA Center are tax deductible for the donor.

Individual donors – you can donate to VAPA directly here: Donate to VAPA to be a one time or sustaining member in our organization. 


To Donate, go to: 

Charlotte’s Off-Broadway (donations designated for theater and comedy): https://fundraising.fracturedatlas.org/charlotte-s-off-broadway

Charlotte Ballet (donations designated for dance and other general expenses): https://charlotteballet.org/donate-now/donate/

Individual donors – you can donate to VAPA directly here: Donate to VAPA to be a one time or sustaining member in our organization. 


We appreciate your support: 

Donations of $100 or more will be rewarded with two tickets to Charlotte Comedy Theater, Charlotte’s Off-Broadway and other perks.

Donations of $1000 or more will be rewarded with a free 6-week improv comedy class at Charlotte Comedy Theater and other perks; these awards can also be gifted to someone else at the time of donation.

Sponsorship – you can sponsor any VAPA member artist or Group whose work speaks to you!

To donate to a specific organization, contact them at [links coming soon]!  

To redeem the benefits of your donation please contact Anne Lambert (charlottesoffbroadway@hotmail.com) to discuss.


Naming sponsorship – We have several theater spaces and meeting rooms that can be sponsored by outside organizations in return for donor dollars. 

To learn more, contact Keli Semelsberger at improvekeli@yahoo.com or call Keli at 704-301-7011.

  1. The Charlotte Comedy Theater Space
  2. The Charlotte Off Broadway Space
  3. The phase two Black Box Theater of CCT
  4. Main Gallery

Sponsored lobbies and walls to display non-tenant art – these are smaller spaces that can be named after an organization or a loved one; these spaces will feature local artwork as a mini gallery in areas of high foot traffic.

Contact Keli S. to learn more: improvekeli@yahoo.com or 704-301-7011.

Sponsorship in the name of a friend or loved one is a great way to honor someone who loved the arts and create a lasting memorial to them and future artists alike. 

Donate Items of need: 

As we activate the space, we will gratefully receive donations of the following items:  

  1. Lighting system for three theater spaces
  2. Sound system for three theater spaces
  3. Stage construction equipment or risers for three theater spaces
  4. Art material: Paint, canvases, brushes, fabrics, laptops, printers, Dark room equipment, Art books, adhesives, and other art creation tools and equipment for any artists in need.

Eventually, we hope to stock a community arts supply closet where artists can request and receive free materials that have been donated to VAPA.


Please contact our Property Manager Arthur Rogers to coordinate supply drop offs and we thank you in advance!


Aerial Footage and photography: Tyler C. Capel